The Four Keys to Win a Game of Pontoon

Four Keys to Pontoon

Pontoon as you all are aware is a variant of Blackjack game. Though both the games share similar features and rules to play, but the only difference you will find is in the strategies to play this game. There are four major keys you should always use when playing Pontoon to have some wins on your side.

1. Key to Value of 10

The main advantage in Pontoon is that this game has a good percentage of cards with strong potential. Just like in blackjack, the objective of pontoon is to compose a hand with the value of 21. Following on directly from this, any player holding a card with the value of 10 is in an ideal position.

At this point is it good to remember that in Pontoon, several other cards also share the same value. The Jack, Queen and King of every suit also hold a value of 10. Your first instincts should be to analyse the deal and lie in wait for a 10 or a combination of cards that add up to the same value. Only with this weight of hand is it advisable to continue. Don’t forget also that in the event of a tie, it’s the dealer who will always win.

2. Key to the Five Card Trick

It is good to wait for the value of 10 to appear like for Jack, Queen or King. When you start the game and you are not find any option making up to the value of 10 then it is better to apply the Five Card Trick.  This is one advantage of Pontoon in forming hands out of multiple cards. The ‘Five Card Trick’, which is a combination of five cards that adds up to 21, can be considered a great tactical solution to weak starting hands.

Although it’s paid out at 2 to 1, the Five Card Trick beats all other combination except for a natural Pontoon. In the case of a deal that seems pretty thin to start with, remain patient, because even when you’re dealt low cards initially, there’s always the potential to form a Five Card Trick based on what cards you receive after the initial deal. This strategy of play will reduce the house edge by at least 0.4%

3. Key to apply different strategies

In Pontoon the strategy will always differ depending on the number of cards that the has in their hand in any given situation. Generally, in the case of strong hand with a value of say 18 to 21, you will have every desire to stop at this point. In the same way if you’re holding a combination of two or three cards with a combined value of between 16-17, you’re probably not going to ask for any further cards.

If however you’re holding four cards with a value of between 16-17, things will change slightly. At this point it is better to go for the fifth card where there might be every possibility you might  hit a Five Card Trick.

4. Key to Double Down

Double Down is important when playing pontoon and you are not having some strong hands to win. So you can say this key known as Doubling down generally favours weaker hands such as 9, 10, or 11 and is only to be used when you’ve exhausted the possibility of using all other strategies and are left with not much better option.

These four keys need patience and determination.  When applying these keys your eyes and mind should be open and concentrating on the going on game and the cards you are dealing. With wise and strong mental strategies you can easily have these keys in your pocket to open the door of wins at Pontoon.