How to play NetEnt Pontoon at casinos over the internet


Pontoon poker is another variation of Blackjack and is somewhat a completely different game. The goal of reaching 21 is the same as Blackjack and the card values are the same but the strategy is completely unique to this game. Many gaming developers have produced Pontoon game for internet casinos and one of them is called Pontoon Poker created by Net Entertainment.  This game is easily available to play at NetEnt casinos and it plays fast game too.

The game structure and layout

The game of Pontoon is laid out very similar to that of Blackjack and this is a 1-1 game of the Player vs Dealer. A unique feature of this Pontoon game is the player can play up to three hands at a time. The player makes their bet from $1 up to $100, the dealer deals from an 8 deck shoe two down cards to each. In a normal blackjack game the dealer would deal one of his cards up but in Pontoon both are dealt down. The goal is to get as close to 21 without going over and the best possible hand is a two card 21 as with an Ace + face card which is called a Pontoon. If the player gets a Pontoon and the dealer does not have a two card 21 then the player wins 2x the wager. However if the dealer ties with a 21 then the dealer wins. Very important to remember, the dealer wins all ties.


Players: 1Hands: 3
Blackjack: 3-2Insurance: 2-1
Surrender: NoSplit: Yes
Double: YesRe-Bet: Yes
Global Friendly: YesSoftware: Net Entertainment


The rules for Pontoon Poker using the Netent software are that the Dealer stands on a hard 17 or higher and hits on a soft 17 or less. The Player has to hit on 14 and can only stand after attaining a score of 15 or higher or complete a 5 Card Trick. A 5 Card Trick is a hand that has 5 cards and the total is 21 or less and is the second highest attainable hand, if the player has this they win 2x their bet (as long as the dealer does not have Pontoon).

The player has all the standard options of splitting on a pair, doubling their bet even on cards 2-3-4, and can even split Aces. Split Aces are treated as a new hand and the Player can earn a Pontoon and the 2x reward when splitting Aces. You can also take additional hits after splitting.

Pontoon is a very exciting game which plays fast and is quite easy to learn. There are many different version of Pontoon and the Net Entertainment game is much more exciting because you can split aces and win a 2x Pontoon with each Ace, many games do not allow that. The 5 Card Trick adds a whole new layer of strategy because of the 2x payout.