How to play Playtech Pontoon?- Play for free or for real money on your mobile or PC

Playtech Pontoon

Pontoon casino game is developed by top notch gaming providers  like Microgaming or Playtech. Pontoon Playtech is found at online casinos powered by this gaming software and offer Playtech games to enjoy for free or with real AUD or any other currency. As you know that Pontoon is a game that is quite similar to blackjack, but with a few very important differences

Here you will find as how to play Pontoon from this well known gaming provider Playtech.

First locate or find an online casino powered by Playtech.

Search Pontoon game under the games menu or go to tables game and find the game Pontoon.

Playtech Pontoon how to play

Click on the game and you the game will load on your device screen be it mobile or PC or tablet. Pontoon’s objective is identical to blackjack – get a bigger point total than the dealer, without going over 21. Two face-up cards are dealt to every player, and two face-down to the dealer. The latter then checks if they have a Pontoon – which is the same as a Blackjack (an Ace and a 10-value card). After that, the player has the option to Hit, Stand, Double, or Split – all of which are identical to the standard moves in blackjack. When all players are ready with their actions, the dealer reveals their cards and a winner is determined.

The dealer must always hit on a soft 17 or lower, and stand on a hard 17 or higher. Also, in case a Push happens, the dealer wins. Pontoon also utilizes a Five Card Trick rule – if you are dealt five cards without busting, you automatically win, as long as the dealer doesn’t have a Pontoon (natural Blackjack). The game also allows you to play with up to five independent hands simultaneously.

  • Blackjack Pays:2:1
  • Decks:8
  • Multi-Hand:Yes
  • Insurance:No
  • Surrender:No
  • Split:Yes
  • Re-Split:Yes
  • Hit Split Aces:Yes
  • Double:Yes
  • Double After Split:Yes
  • Dealer Peek:No
  • Dealer Hits Soft 17:Yes
  • Side Bets:No

The available in-game settings and feature are identical to what all blackjack games by Playtech offer like customisable table, Fast Play, and a handy History tab, where you can see the results of your latest games. Overall, the game looks and feels great, with smooth animations and sharp graphics.

The best strategy to play Pontoon

Since there is no dealer up-card in the game of Pontoon, basic strategies are based entirely on the number of cards that can make up a hand. This is the same for land based pontoon and an online pontoon game; with a 4-card hand you always double down on any soft and hard hands that do not equal 17 or more. With a soft hand you have very little chance of busting so there’s always the potential for a 5 Card Trick if you double down. In this type of scenario, as long as the dealer doesn’t make a 5 Card Trick, you can make a 4:1 payout.

It’s worth noting that while many players perceive the game of pontoon to be an ‘easier’ version of Blackjack, this is not the case as pontoon strategy is far more difficult in practice. Just like in Blackjack, players have the opportunity to reduce the house edge (the advantage the casino/dealer has vs the player) while playing the game. Both games have what players call an ‘optimal strategy’; a set of plays to use whatever the current scenario may be. By using the optimal strategy, you have the opportunity to reduce the house edge to under 0.5% and, depending on the game type, this can mean that playing pontoon can actually be more profitable than blackjack as the house advantage can be as much as one third more than that of pontoon.

As an example, if you have a soft 19 comprised of 3 cards in Pontoon and you double down, you can still hit even if you catch an Ace or 2 to give you a soft 20 or 21 as you cannot bust and have the potential to make a 5 Card Trick. The only 4 card hands that you ever stand with in Pontoon are a hard 18 and above. Even when you have a 4 card hard 17 you hit and with a 4 card hard 16 you double down. This is where the strategies differ greatly from traditional blackjack. Basic rule of thumb here is that if after doubling down on a 3 cards hand, if your hand doesn’t equal a hard 18 and above, hit again.

Note that RTP of this game is 99.64% and it’s your choice to play the game of Pontoon for free or for real money. If you play for free you needn’t make any real cash deposit but the game itself offers virtual money to play and practice the game. If you play for real money you need to make a deposit with real money be it Bitcoins or any currency that the online casino offers to play real money games. Also you will be offered welcome or other bonuses to enjoy Pontoon with real money.