How to play Pontoon at Adelaide Casino

Adelaide Casino

Honoured in 2016 South Australian Tourism Award with Bronze, Adelaide Casino is South Australia’s only casino destination and the city’s most exciting gaming and entertainment venue. Located in Adelaide’s historic Railway Station building, pays approximately $19 million annually in State taxes.

It is part of the SKYCITY Entertainment Group, based in Auckland, one of Australasia’s leading gaming and entertainment companies, employing over 3,400 people in New Zealand and Australia. It is publicly listed on both the New Zealand and Australian stock exchanges. Besides Adelaide Casino, the SKYCITY group owns and operates casinos in Auckland, Darwin, Queenstown and Hamilton.

Since its construction in 1985, Adelaide Casino has had a number of upgrades and projects to upgrade the venue. Some of the major works have been:

With electronic gaming machine floor, to baccarat room, update slot games, the Platinum room for VIP gaming machine players grandstand bar for sporting events it also houses great restaurants and bars. Like the Pullman Restaurant, Loco Bar, the Backyard bar, Oasis Courtyard with Grange VIP gaming rooms.

The Adelaide Casino Games

Adelaide Casino Games

When you enter the Adelaide casino you can experience a full suite of TAB facilities and Sportsbet featuring Sky Channel screened across 4 displays, 2 terminals, 6 screens displaying fixtures and 7 information touch screens.

Be captivated by the exciting atmosphere of the newest and most exclusive Gaming Machines in South Australia. With an impressive two floor levels of gaming, there are a huge variety of games to suit everyone’s taste that casino offers over 1000 slot machines and over 100 table games including Caribbean Stud, Vegas Star Roulette, Pontoon, Hold’em, Poker, Rapid Roulette, Rapid Baccarat and Roulette.

The Poker Zone is most visited spot offering two ways of playing poker – tournaments and ‘cash’ or ‘ring’ games. The basic difference between the two is that players may get up and leave a cash game anytime they like but will need to play a tournament out to a conclusion to win a prize.

Tournaments take place in the Poke Zone each week with buy-ins starting at $125. Registration for all poker tournaments is via the Poker Zone Cashier, located next to the Poker Zone on level one.

Cash games are played with chips that are redeemable for cash. Players may put their name down for a cash game at the Poker Zone from thirty minutes prior to opening. Players may join in straight away or be sent an SMS if they are on a waiting list.

Note that you must be aged 18 years or older to enter the gaming areas at Adelaide Casino.

How to Play Pontoon at Adelaide

Game of Pontoon

As you are familiar that Pontoon is a variation of Blackjack, with some additional ways to win and the added benefits of bonus payout. The objective is to achieve a total that is greater than the dealer’s and which does not exceed 21. Pontoon is played with a modified deck from which the tens have been removed.

You find the Pontoon table at Adelaide or if you are not having one ask the casino staff to locate it for you.

After placing a wager in the Betting box (an optional Bet in the Any Pair area may also be placed), each Player receives two cards from the Dealer, who is also dealt a card.

All hands that achieve Pontoon are paid at odds of 3-2 immediately regardless of the Dealer’s first card. Pontoon is achieved when your first two cards are an Ace plus any Jack, Queen or King. All Any Pair Bets are also settled.

In turn, each Player now must decide whether or not to draw further cards. Players have the following options:

  • Double, you may place an additional Bet (not exceeding your original Bet) if your first two cards total 9,10 or 11 (without aces). You will only be dealt one additional card when you double.
  • Split any pair of the same face value to form two separate hands. You can not get Pontoon on split hands, they count as 21.
  • Draw further cards. To indicate that you wish to draw further cards just tap the table with your finger. Remember you don’t want to go over 21.
  • Stand on your two card total. To indicate that you wish to stand just wave your hand horizontally behind your Bet.

Once all Players have made their decisions the Dealer will complete their hand. The Dealer plays to a strict set of rules. Dealers must take another card if their hand totals 16 or less or has a soft total of 17 and stand on a hard 17 or more.

You win if your total is higher than the Dealer’s or if the Dealer ‘Busts’ (goes over 21). If your total is the same as the Dealer’s you have a stand off which means you neither win nor lose. If you go over 21 or your total is less than the Dealer’s then the Dealer wins.

All hands that achieve 21 are paid out immediately, regardless of the Dealer’s first card. Higher odds will be paid out on some wagers totalling 21, depending on the specific combination of cards that make up the total. Refer to the signs at the table or ask your table Dealer for more information.

You should understand the Pontoon Terminology before the game so that you are not confused. Few of the common terms are listed below:

  • Surrender: If the dealer has a Jack, Queen, King or Ace as their first card, Players have the option to ‘surrender’ half their original wager. Players may surrender at the completion of the initial deal. If any players elect to surrender no further cards should be dealt to that box. Should the dealer achieve Pontoon the surrender shall be void and the Player will lose their entire wager.
  • Forfeit: After doubling, a Player with a hand of less than 21, has the option to remove the doubled portion of their Bet and ‘forfeit’ their original wager.
  • Any Pair: An optional side Bet that wins if the first two cards dealt to a box are a pair, and is paid the odds of 11 to 1 regardless of colour or suit. Any Player may place an ‘Any Pair’ wager on any box where there are normal box Bets.

Click Here and find the Adelaide Casino guide to play Pontoon

Promotions at Adelaide

Promotions at Adelaide

Though there are many ongoing promotions at Adelaide but few of them are quite interesting like you can have morning tea free treat near Café Junction and enjoy some sweet and savoury dish too. (at the time of writing this was valid till 31st March 2017) For other offers you can find them here. Also Premier Rewards members can earn Points from Gaming Machine play, Table Game play and dining at selected Adelaide Casino restaurants and bars. Points are automatically credited to a Premier Rewards membership account and are valid for 12 months from the date of issue. 100 Points = $1 in gaming credits.

Points can be redeemed, subject to daily limits, for gaming credits (which can be used to play on Gaming Machines at Adelaide Casino) Simply insert your Premier Rewards card into the card reader on any Gaming Machine at Adelaide Casino touch the PIGGY BANK’ icon and follow the on-screen instructions.

If you now wish to play Pontoon at the casino you need to visit the casino for some live real game play. Also you can contact the casino in case you need to have any clarity or ask something.

You can write to them at North Terrace, Adelaide, GPO Box 1918, Adelaide, SA 5001, Australia or by Ph: +61 8 8212 2811 or Fax: +61 8 8218 4150