How to play Pontoon at Star Gold Coast Casino

Star Gold Coast

Star Gold Coast Casino earlier known as Jupiters Gold Coast is one of the most popular casinos in Australia. It is located in Broadbeach, just half an hour from Gold Coast Airport at Coolangatta, and a 90-minute drive from Brisbane. The casino offers a great time to spend with your family and friends with fine dining options, five-star hotel, premier theatre, deluxe conference spaces and of course, the non-stop action of world-class casino games.

Games at casino

Games at casino

When you enter the casino you will find wonderful games like pokies which are 1600 in number. You can try out some of exciting games and linked jackpots including; Lightning Cash, Double Shot, Golden Dollars and Dino might! Also check out some of the exclusive products from NSW; Fa Fa Fa, Cash Express and Players Choice-Superstar l/ll/lll. Along with  linked progressive jackpot gaming machines there are also multi line or multiplier pokies. Besides enjoy Keno machines too.

As for table games they are over 70 games to enjoy including Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Texas Holdem, Dice games and your favourite Pontoon besides other games to play.

How to play Pontoon at Star Gold Coast Casino?

Star Gold Coast

As you know Pontoon is a variation of Blackjack game and is the world’s most played casino card game. This game of Pontoon is very easy to play and here at the casino you will enjoy the game with exciting bonus payouts and different payout odds.

Also known as game of 21 your aim is to draw cards totalling closer to 21 than those in the Dealer’s hand – without exceeding that 21. Card values are the same as Blackjack – “picture” cards (Jack, Queen, King) each count as 10.  An Ace can count as 1 or 11. Tens (not picture cards) are removed from the deck prior to play. All other cards have their face value.

The game layout at the table

The 21 table seats seven Players on one side, and the Dealer on the other. Its layout is marked out with boxes in which the Players place their bets before the cards are dealt.

All cards in 21 are dealt face up so that you can see the point value of the Players’ and Dealer’s hands. A first card is dealt to each of the Players, and then finally to the Dealer. A second card is then dealt to the Players only. The Dealer will call out the value of all hands.


Playing the cards

You may “stand” on the two original cards in your hand, or “draw” additional cards to improve your total. If you “bust” – that is, go over 21 – you lose. When all Players have completed their hands, the Dealer draws a second card. The Dealer has no optional drawing and must stand on hard 17 or more and soft 18 or more. If the cards in your hand total closer to 21 than the Dealer’s, you win. If the Dealer busts, all remaining hands win.

Ace plus picture = 21

“21” is when the Player or the Dealer draws a picture card and an Ace in their first two cards. If you get 21 or the total of your hand is 21, you win, even if the Dealer goes on to get 21. Depending on the way you make 21, you may be paid at odds of up to 3 to 1 . In instances where the Dealer gets 21, the Dealer takes original bets only. That is, if a Player has split pairs or doubled down, the Dealer would only take the original wager, the double down bet and second bet on a split pair would be void.

When to Surrender

If the Dealer has an Ace or a picture card as their first card, then you may “surrender” half of your original stake. However, if the Dealer gets 21, the surrender is void and the Player loses the entire wager. A Player must indicate their intention to surrender immediately after the original deal and before any other cards are dealt. No further cards are dealt to a surrendered hand.

Insurance Bet

When the Dealer’s first card in is an Ace you may insure your bet against the Dealer getting 21. Your insurance bet, up to half your original bet, should be placed on the “insurance line” immediately after the initial deal and before any further cards are dealt. If the Dealer draws 21, your insurance bet will be paid 2 to 1.

When to do the Doubling

You may ‘double down’ on your original bet at any time on any total except 21. To double down, place an additional bet up to the value of your original bet and receive only one more card. Winning double down wagers are paid at odds of (1 to 1). Any aces dealt to the Player’s hand that the Player elects to double down have a value of 1 not 11. If the Dealer draws 21, your original bet will lose but the double down portion of the wager is not taken by the Dealer.

When to Forfeit

After doubling down and receiving only one card, if the point count of the Player’s hand is not more than 20, the Player may elect to forfeit the original bet and withdraw the double down part of the bet.

When to split

If your first two cards have the same value you may ask the Dealer to “split” them to create two separate hands. You must then place an additional bet, equal to your original bet, on the second hand. Cards will be dealt to the first hand until play is completed on the hand. Cards will then be dealt to the second hand in the same manner. If you split Aces or picture cards then you cannot get 21 on either hand. Split Aces will receive only one card to each Ace. If you split suited sevens then the super bonus is not available to either hand, however all other bonus payouts apply.

Game of Pontoon

When you receive a Super Bonus Payout

If the Player has three suited sevens and the Dealer has a seven (any suit) as their first cards, the Player receives a super bonus payout  of $1000 or $5000 depending upon the amount of the Player’s original wager. All other Players who have made a wager on that round of play receive an “envy” bonus of $50.

Signalling the dealer for more cards

Players use hand signals to communicate with the Dealer. If you wish to draw a card, tap on or scratch the table behind your betting box. If you wish to stand, move your hand, palm down, in a horizontal cut off motion behind your betting box.

The range of bets

All 21 tables have a sign displaying the minimum and maximum bets allowed on that table. Please check the sign before you sit down at the table.


Payout Table


Players Winning HandPayout Odds
213 to 2
Five Card 213 to 2
6, 7, 8 mixed suits3 to 2
7, 7, 7 mixed suits3 to 2
Six card 212 to 1
6, 7, 8 same suit (not Spades)2 to 1
7, 7, 7 same suit (not Spades)2 to 1
Seven or more card 213 to 1
6, 7, 8 all Spades3 to 1
7, 7, 7 all Spades3 to 1
All other winning wagers


1 to 1


Winning the super bonus hand

  • If Player’s wager is less than $25 $1000
  • If the Player’s wager is $25 or more $5000
  • Envy bonus $50

The odds of winning

21 is a variation of Blackjack and is commonly referred to as Spanish Blackjack. The main difference between 21 and Blackjack is the tens (not face cards) have been removed. Other differences are higher payouts for set hands – for example, for three sevens, the Player automatically wins on 21 and Players have the option to surrender half of their wager. The House margin for 21 is generally 1.25%.

You can visit Star Gold Coast Casino for having hands on experience in the game of Pontoon. The Star Gold Coast offers a secure, undercover car park to all guests using the facilities. Access to the carpark is via Hooker Boulevard/Nerang-Broadbeach Rd or the Gold Coast Highway and T E Peters Drive. Valet parking is also available at a $40 per day.

You can contact the casino for more information at and note that it is a world-class 24-hour casino, offering sumptuous dining, lively bars, and star-studded entertainment which will never let you feel bored.