How to play RTG Pontoon Blackjack

RTG Pontoon game

Real time Gaming software provides Pontoon game to be played at RTG powered online casinos. As you know Pontoon is a very easy game to play with simple interface and quick rules to understand. Here the Pontoon plays out with 2 typical decks consisting of 52 cards. It runs much like a game a blackjack as an Ace with a 10. To win is simple as just as the hand would in a game of blackjack. Players can also obtain a hand containing 5 cards that add up to 21 or less. This yields a payout of 2 to 1. However, the dealer does always win in a tie throughout the game of Pontoon. Also, the dealer’s hands are always faced down, lending no insurance option like some blackjack games do.

RTG Pontoon Layout

RTG Pontoon Online game

Real Time Gaming brings Pontoon with a classic table game design. The look and feel gives you a sensation of being in a real live land casino where you also possess the ability to change the card speed and volume according to your preference, bringing the game to life even more so. Moreover you have the option to play for free or with real money at RTG pontoon online game.

There is an autoplay option in the game where you can set up the number of games you want to just play out automatically. You can even set the conditions to stop playing or can even catch up with autoplay games by viewing the history of gameplay at any time. Pontoon does only play in a single hand version, rather than most online casino games that offer multi hands.
>h2>The rules of the game and how to play

RTG Pontoon Rules

Rules are simple to grasp. All ties go to the Dealer. Dealer will hit on a hard 16 or a soft 17. Dealer will stand on a hard 17 or soft 18 as well as a 5-card hand of any total. A Dealer’s 5-card hand will beat a Player’s 5-card hand. A player can hit up to 5 times. A player can only stand once he or she reaches a total of 15 points or has 5 cards. Doubling is allowed once on the same hand. Splitting is allowed on any pair, up to three hands.

The game is played with eight 52-card decks, or two decks at some online casinos like Bovada. All the cards have the same value as in blackjack. A the start of the game, you get your two cards, and the Dealer gets two cards, except in this game, the Dealer’s cards are both face down.

Then the dealer will deal each player two cards face up and two cards face down to the dealer. The dealer will peek at his cards for a pontoon. If the dealer has a pontoon he will immediately turn it over and collect all wagers and cards.

The player may stand on any total greater or equal to 15, or on any 5-card hand. The player may hit at any point, including after doubling. The player may double on 2 to 4 cards, but only once per hand. The option includes after splitting, and once for each split hand.

The player may split two cards of equal rank. The player may resplit once, up to a total of three hands, including aces. When the player splits the first card dealt to each hand shall be automatic.

Player may draw and double after splitting aces. The 2-card 21 after splitting aces counts as a pontoon.

If the player busts he immediately loses and forfeits his cards and total wager. After all players have played out their hands the dealer shall expose his two cards. Then the dealer shall continue to draw cards until he has a total of 17 points or more, except the dealer shall hit a soft 17. The dealer will also stop with any five-card hand.

The dealer shall compare his hand to each player hand. A winning player pontoon or five-card hand shall pay 2 to 1. All other player wins shall pay 1 to 1 (even money) and Ties lose.

The payouts are fairly decent here as well. A Pontoon will pay 2 to 1, and you’ll get the same odds on a 5-card hand. You can always read the RTG rulebook, as well as go through a quick rule menu which you can access at anytime during your play.

You can play Real Time Gaming pontoon at online casinos like Prism Casino, Cool Cat Casino, Bovada Casino and few others. While there is really no bonus round with the Pontoon game, most of the casinos that do offer the game offer you great sign up bonuses to play the game. This could allow players to collect additional winnings on that game of Pontoon just for singing up with the online casino that offers RTG powered Pontoon game to play.