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Do you know that Crown Casino Melbourne is offering Pontoon Pandemonium for Pontoon fans! This is a distinctly Aussie blackjack variation, and probably your best chance of finding a  low minimum bet limit outside BJ Plus. Crown Pontoon uses up to eight modified decks with all face-value Tens removed (i.e. there is no Ten of Clubs, Ten of Spades, Ten of Diamonds, or Ten of Hearts, for a total of 48 cards per deck). Naturals pay 3/2, and there are various bonus prizes for hands of 7 7 7 or 6 7 8 – including a Super Bonus of up to $5000. Crown also offers 6 to 5 Pontoon, with a decreased payoff for naturals.

Pontoon Pandemonium

Pontoon Pandemonium is an optional bet that can be placed in addition to your Crown Pontoon bet. When you place a Pontoon Pandemonium bet, you have the chance to win a bonus prize.
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  • Win up to 100/1 odds on your Jackpot Bet!
  • The Pontoon Pandemonium Jackpot Multiplier is an optional side bet that gives you the chance to win an additional bonus prize and can be placed in addition to your main bet.
  • When you place a Jackpot Multiplier bet, you are betting that your next hand dealt will be a Pontoon.

What is Crown Pontoon

  • Crown Pontoon is a variation of Blackjack that gives you additional ways to win with the Pontoon Pandemonium Jackpot Multiplier wager.
  • The main difference between Crown Pontoon and Blackjack is that Crown Pontoon is played with decks of 48 cards with the four tens removed.
  • As with Blackjack, the Dealer deals two cards to each player and one card to him/herself. You then have the opportunity to draw extra cards and improve your hand total.
  • To win, your hand total must be greater than the Dealer’s total without exceeding 21.
  • Pontoon is when the fi rst two cards dealt to you are an Ace and either a King, Queen or Jack.

How to play Pontoon at Crown Casino

  • Place your bet in one of the betting areas marked on the table.
  • The Dealer deals one card face-up to each betting area containing a wager and a card to him/herself. A second card is then dealt to each betting area.
  • Each player then has the option to draw another card, double, split, or stand.
  • To indicate that you would like another card, tap on the table with your finger. To indicate that you are standing with the cards you already have, signal using a horizontal waving motion of your hand over the table.
  • You may double on any hand with two or more cards with a total of less than 21. Excluding Aces, when the first two cards dealt to you are of equal value, you may split these to form up to three hands
  • (Aces may only be split to form two hands with only one additional card dealt to each hand).
  • You may also surrender half your original bet if the Dealer’s fi rst card is an Ace, King, Queen or Jack (but not a Pontoon) or forfeit your original bet if you double and receive a total of less than 21.
  • When all players have completed their hand, the Dealer will draw second and/or subsequent cards and settle all wagers depending on the result.

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Playing Pontoon Pandemonium

  • Place your Jackpot Multiplier bet in the area on the table provided for Jackpot bets. To play the Jackpot Multiplier, you must also place a bet on Crown Pontoon.
  • If the next hand dealt to you is Pontoon, you then have the chance to win a bonus prize by pressing the Jackpot Button.
  • Payout odds range from 2/1 to 100/1. The amount you have won is randomly selected and displayed as a multiplier of your Jackpot bet on the Jackpot screen at each table.
  • If you are not dealt a Pontoon, only your Pontoon Pandemonium bet will lose and is collected by the Dealer.

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