Pontoon vs Blackjack – Comparing the games

Pontoon Vs Blackjack

As you know that Blackjack and Pontoon looks quite similar in play as both the card games is to aim at to have a hand value of over 21 against the dealer. But when we compare Pontoon and Blackjack we will see that there are differences in the game too.

Before we go into detail about the differences let us see the table below about the non similarities in both the games.

Pontoon-Comparison Table

Comparing Pontoon and Blackjack in detail we find the following similarities and differences

The Stake in the Games

The minimum stake you can set the Pontoon game in motion for is 1.00 and this is the same as the minimum stake on most Blackjack games, the maximum permitted stakes are also the same as Blackjack games and as such depending on the casino at which you are playing the maximum wager will be usually around 200.00 per hand.

The Wager

In both the games after placing your wager onto the table the Dealer will deal two cards to you and also two cards to himself but one of his cards will be dealt face down and one of his cards will be visible to you and will be dealt face up.

An Ace

If the Dealer has an up facing card that is an Ace then he is going to look at his down facing card and if it is a 10 valued card then he will reveal both of this cards instantly and the game will end at that point in time.

Total of 17

The Dealer has to stop playing his hand whenever it has a total value of at least 17 and when he has he will then deal no further playing cards to his hand, once you have made your playing and betting decisions both your hand and the Dealers are compared and the highest valued hand is deemed to be the winning hand.

Stick and the Stand

If you have been dealt out a hand that you are happy with and as such do not wish to be dealt any further cards to that hand you need to Stick, and this is similar to the Stand decision you make when playing Blackjack.

The Twist and the Hit

If you wish to get dealt a further card to your hand when playing Pontoon then you need to click on the Twist button, if you are a regular Blackjack player then you will know the similar option in that game is the Hit betting decision and when playing Blackjack by clicking on the Hit button one additional card will be dealt out to your hand.

When playing Pontoon there may come a time when you wish to purchase another card as opposed to being dealt out a free one which is what happens when you click on the Twist button, in cases such as this you click on the Buy button and this will see you having to place a bet of the same value as your initial wager onto the table and then one additional card will be dealt out to your hand. This is an identical playing move to the Double Down option on Blackjack games.

Winning Payouts

The winning payouts are slightly different on Pontoon games, and as such if you have a Pontoon hand which beats the Dealers hand then you are paid out at odds of 2 to 1 which is a higher payout than the similar Blackjack hand of an Ace and a 10 valued card when playing Blackjack.

Five Card Trick

There is a unique hand you can get dealt out when playing Pontoon which is known as a Five Card Trick, when you are dealt out this hand you have a hand which contains five cards which have a total value of 21 or under, this winning hand also pays out at odds of 2 to 1.

All other winning player hands are paid out at even money, which is similar to when you are playing Blackjack and have a hand which is higher than the Dealers hand.

Thus you can now understand the basic differences in the game and how this game is played. As the house edge which is around the 0.38% and 0.39% when played at internet casinos such as those using Playtech and Microgaming software these games are quite entertaining. Playing the games with a perfect playing strategy by playing each hand in the optimal way adds fun to the games.