The Betting Systems – The Basic Strategy in Pontoon

Basic strategy Pontoon

Did you tried Pontoon game? It has an element of player choice, players can reduce the casino advantage to less than 0.5% by playing optimally. The complete set of optimal plays is known as basic strategy, and is highly dependent on the rules.

The basic strategy used to play Blackjack works quite effectively with Pontoon. This is because in both of these popular casino games you need to beat the Dealer’s hand without exceeding a total of 21. Pontoon pays 2-to-1, which means if you win you win twice your bet. You would definitely want to get most out of your winning streak.

Betting Systems

Betting systems are statistical systems that help you bet appropriately in a particular situation. There are systems that suggest to how to bet when you’re winning. And, there are systems that guide you how to bet when you’re losing.

Betting systems are usually of three types: positive addition, negative addition, and negative subtraction. When you are winning, follow a positive addition system and increase your bet every time you win. On the other hand, if you’re losing you can follow a negative subtraction system to decrease the amount you lose or cover up your losses by following a negative addition system.

The Martingale System, Paroli System, Parlay System, D’ Alembert System, The Kelly Criterion, and the 1-3-2-6 System are popular betting systems. These systems have their own advantages and disadvantages. A betting system does not guarantee you a win every time though.

The 1-3-2-6 System

The 1-3-2-6 betting system is a positive addition system. Using this system, you can win four times in a row. This system guides you to place your first bet as 1 unit, second bet as 3 units, third one as 2 units, and the fourth one as 6 units. If you complete one winning cycle, your net profits will be more than your loss. When you complete one winning cycle and wish to continue playing, resume the game by placing initial bet. The system also guides you to resume your play with initial bet if you lose at any level. Please keep in mind that it is a strategy, not magic.

As an example to understand this system let’s assume that you are at a Blackjack table that offers even payouts. You have a bankroll worth $100. At level 1, you place your first bet of 1 unit which, let’s say, is $10. If you win, you will have $20 on the table. This increases your bankroll to $110. But if you lose, you lose $10. Your bankroll is decreased to $90, which apparently is a $10 loss. Let’s say you reach level 2 and your bankroll is worth $110. Following the system, you place your second bet of $30, which is thrice your initial bet of $10. If you win, you receive $60 on the table. Your bankroll is increased to $140. On the other hand if you lose, you lose $30 and your bankroll is decreased to $80, which is a $30 dollar loss.

You cross level 2 and reach level 3 with a bankroll of $140. Here you place a $20 bet, which is twice your initial stake. If you win, you win $40 and that increases your bankroll to $160. If you lose, you lose $20 and cut your bankroll down to $120. If you look at it practically, you have a net profit of $20!

Suppose you win and reach level 4 with a $160 bankroll. Place a $60 bet, a bet six times your initial bet. If you win, you get $120 on the table and your bankroll is increased to $220. And if you lose, you lose $60 and are left with a $100 bankroll, with no profit no loss.The beauty of this system lies in the fact that you don’t risk too much money to win big.

Winning Odds

The odds at winning a Pontoon hand, just like it happens with the game of slots are not too many. You cannot see the Dealer’s cards. This is of no help to decide whether or not you want to hit another card. Also, Pontoon is played with eight decks of cards. Card counting is almost next to impossible. But because Pontoon pays you 2 to 1, you may want to adopt a few strategies and use some tips to increase your chances of winning.

The following table lists basic Pontoon Blackjack strategies regarding a fixed number of total points. You may want to give these strategies a try while playing Pontoon for fun at our site. You can see for yourself if these strategies work. If you find they work, and they work quite well, switch to real money and beat the dealer with your luck and wits.

Pontoon Basic Strategy Table

Player TotalTotal Cards

H: Hit
D: Double if allowed, otherwise hit
Ds: Double if allowed, otherwise stand
Ph: Split if allowed, otherwise hit
Ps: Split if allowed, otherwise stand

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