Variations of Blackjack That You Can Play in Including Pontoon

Blackjack variants

Blackjack has always been the most popular game at casinos be it land or online for all types of players.  Blackjack, is also known as twenty-one, where the players compare the cards usually between several players and a dealer each player in turn competes against the dealer.

This game doesn’t end up with this traditional game where one or more decks of 52 cards are used with the objective to beat the dealer, but many variations have been created over the years so make the game more exciting according to modern times. With coming of the online casinos Blackjack also tuned in according to the web technology and many gaming developers produced wonderful video variants of this game to be played with ease online on their PC or smartphone or even with tablets.

With this players got more variety in theme, display, and choice though the basic concept remained the same of all the Blackjack variants. You will find the games with flexible betting limits to play at online casinos as well as with various welcome bonuses to grab. Remember that to play the Blackjack variants you need to understand the rules of the game and understand how to play before placing your bets.

Online blackjack variations you can play

Here are few of the online blackjack variants you can play at online casinos.

European Blackjack

European Blackjack

European Blackjack is the most common Blackjack variation you will find in mostly European casinos, consisting of two decks of cards with no hole card. The dealer must stand on Soft 17, with any Blackjack made by the dealer taking precedence over any other players and the dealer may not draw a second card until players have played their hand. Also other rules to European Blackjack include that double down can only be done on a nine, 10, or 11, with a split allowed once only. Dissimilar 10-value cards can’t be split, with no double down allowed after the split hit, but hit on split aces is allowed.

Atlantic City Blackjack

Atlantic City

This Blackjack variant originated in Atlantic City and remains the more popular Blackjack variant played on the East Coast of the USA. This game follows the instructions of the classic game, and offers some different rules that work out in players favour making it popular. This variation is played with eight decks of cards with a dealer’s hole card allowing them to check for Blackjack on a 10 or Ace upward facing card. The dealer stands on soft 17, with a double down allowed on any two cards. A hand can be split up to three times, allowing a total of four hands. Dissimilar 10-value cards can be split, with double down permitted after split and you are allowed a late surrender.



Pontoon is another Blackjack variant most commonly popular in Australia. Pontoon starts with all the 10 cards being removed from a standard deck of cards also known as a Spanish Deck and is then played using six or eight decks. The dealer has no hole card and must stand on Soft 17, with their second card remaining concealed until the end of the round. The player’s always beats the dealer to take an immediate win.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

Vegas strip Blackjack

Vegas Strip Blackjack is another blackjack variant that follows the rules of Atlantic City Blackjack, except that it uses four decks instead of eight and players cannot enter a late surrender. The dealer has a hole card, and must stand on Soft 17. Double down is allowed on any two cards and a hand can be split up to three times, allowing a total of four hands. Dissimilar 10-value cards can be split, with double down permitted after split.

Vegas Downtown Blackjack

Vegas Downtown

Vegas Downtown Blackjack is popular to be found at online casinos. Vegas Downtown Blackjack is played using two decks of cards with a dealer’s hole card. The dealer hits on Soft 17. Players are allowed to make up to three splits per hand, with only one allowed for a pair of aces and split aces only receive one card. Double down is allowed after a split, but players are not permitted to surrender.

Spanish 21 Blackjack

Spanish 21

This variant is quite similar to classic Blackjack except that it uses the Spanish deck of cards which is just a standard deck of cards minus all the 10’s so only 48 cards are in play. The other main difference is that the players hand always beats the dealer. Other rules include that a hole card is played, the dealer must stand on Soft 17, any number of cards can be doubled down and a surrender is allowed at any time during the game.

Big Five Blackjack

Big Five Blackjack

Big Five Blackjack is  played using five decks of cards, with no hole card and dealer hits on Soft 17, Big Five allows players to split on any two cards of the same value, with up to three splits and only one split for aces. Double down is permitted on any two cards once per hand, with dissimilar 10- value cards allowed to be split. Surrenders are not allowed.

21 Burn Blackjack

21 Burn Blackjack

21 Burn Blackjack is a blackjack variant powered by Betsoft gaming. Players use six decks of cards with no hole card, the dealer hits on Soft 17. Players can play up to three hands simultaneously, with the optional addition of a Burn card. The Burn card is dealt face-down in addition to the standard two card hand, and the player has the option to “burn” their second dealt card in favour of the unseen Burn card, with play then continuing as per standard Vegas Strip Blackjack rules. The burn really adds a nice, risky little thrill to the game.

Super Fun 21

Super fun 21

Super fun 21 Blackjack variant is more  easy and simple with rules making it convenient and popular game for new blackjack players.  Played with one, two or four full decks of cards and a hole card, the dealer must sit on Soft 17. Players can double, hit, stand or surrender on any two cards and hands with a total of 20 or less with six or more cards win even-cash automatically. A players blackjack will always beat the dealer, while a blackjack consisting of diamonds pays out 2 to 1.

Best Pontoon Strategy

Strategy for pontoon

All these variations are just wonderful to try to play. But if you are more interested in Pontoon then note that the main advantage in this game is that it has a good percentage of cards with strong potential. Just like in blackjack, the objective of pontoon is to compose a hand with the value of 21.

In Pontoon, several other cards also share the same value. The Jack, Queen and King of every suit also hold a value of 10. Your first instincts should be to analyse the deal and lie in wait for a 10 or a combination of cards that add up to the same value. Only with this weight of hand is it advisable to continue. Also in the event of a tie, it’s the dealer who will always win.

Also it is better sometimes not to wait for a 10, Jack, Queen or a King. Sometimes with the randomness of the game means you will not always be in an amazing position from the start of the hand so when this happens you’re going to start to look for other avenues to win by. One advantage of Pontoon is the possibility of forming hands out of multiple cards. The ‘Five Card Trick’, which is a combination of five cards that adds up to 21, can be considered a great tactical solution to weak starting hands.

Although it’s paid out at 2 to 1, the Five Card Trick beats all other combination except for a natural Pontoon. In the case of a deal that seems pretty thin to start with, remain patient, because even when you’re dealt low cards initially, there’s always the potential to form a Five Card Trick based on what cards you receive after the initial deal. This strategy of play will reduce the house edge by at least 0.4%

In Pontoon the strategy will always differ depending on the number of cards that the has in their hand in any given situation. Generally, in the case of strong hand with a value of say 18 to 21, you will have every desire to stop at this point. In the same way if you’re holding a combination of two or three cards with a combined value of between 16-17, you’re probably not going to ask for any further cards.

If however you’re holding four cards with a value of between 16-17, things will change slightly. At this point there it’s more interesting to take a fifth card as at this point there is every possibility that you might hit a Five Card Trick. It’s also good to remember that in Pontoon you are also able to ‘Double Down’. Doubling down generally favours weaker hands such as 9, 10, or 11 and is only to be used when you’ve exhausted the possibility of using the other applicable strategies to win this game.